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While we are outraged and raise our voices in protest against the narco-dictatorship, which sustains a mortally wounded economic system and attacks us with more criminal violence, we press with organized actions and protests to hasten its fall. In this framework of joint actions of rebellion and resistance, and as an expression of our constant analysis and testimony of struggle, we raise our collective voice in this 19th public manifesto:

1.- If the dictatorship believes that we will get tired, they are mistaken. We demand that professionals with ethics and without petty interests lead this health crisis which is catalyzed by the arrival of COVID-19 but made more difficult by a collapsed health system. After millions of looted dollars we demand that a proper oversight organization be established, independence of the regime, and that those at rigged tables and organizations disappear since they were installed only to disguise looting and crimes.

2.- We raise our voices against the heinous role of the military, eternal vendors of sovereignty and protectors of the corrupt. We will never stop demanding the demilitarization of territories, security and public entities. The absence of the military equals fewer murders, less drug trafficking and more national sovereignty.

3.- We condemn, from rage and ancestral indignation, the criminal actions carried out against comrades from the Garifuna community of El Triunfo de la Cruz, against OFRANEH, against the original resistance. We express our solidarity and demand that they respect the rights of black people over their territories.

4.- We urgently demand that the Miskito population, victims of this sanitary collapse, caused by the stolen millions, be attended to. We demand the prompt arrival of equipment and necessary supplies to their area and that their lives have equal dignity.

5.- We express our repudiation of the resolution of the case of María Luisa Borjas, who directly faced the authors of the death of our beloved Berta Cáceres; today she pays for her bravery against a territory dominated by crime and rocked by bullets. A clear example that telling the truth in Honduras is a revolutionary act.

6.- We call on the entire population to join all the caravans and the pan banging in the streets every week. From this space, we continue to feed the fight with the manifestos and new weekly contributions to the campaign. We continue to fight and with creativity, we will continue to face this neoliberal capitalist narco dictatorship.

Honduras, July 2020