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Under such an imposed and aggressive dictatorship, it is our right to reaffirm our full duty to place ourselves before it in a state of civil and popular disobedience. The historical path to liberation has always been led by popular movements, an infallible formula, that when well executed, no regime can stand against. We need to break with the deadly logic of dictatorship and neoliberalism and form our own collective project seeking freedom in the process. In this Twentieth Public Manifesto we hope to make it clear:

1.- After twenty consecutive weeks we hold firm the demand that a team of – ealth experts, with ethics and responsibility, lead this health crisis for a favorable outcome for our communities. We demand that the management of public funds intended for this crisis be made transparent with full transparency into the use of the funds and that this process be led by an independent oversight system far from corrupt practices long standing in the National Party. It does not matter how neglectful the government continues to be in the face of these demands because in the end, justice for the people will prevail.

2.- We stand in solidarity with OFRANEH, with the ancestral Garífuna resistance, which has stood up with enduring courage to the regime and the neoliberal system and its racist policies. At the same time, we condemn the forced disappearance of our comrades from the community of El Triunfo de la Cruz, itself a product of the extreme violence of the dictatorship and an overwhelming militarization which is no longer limited only to the streets but to entire institutions. WE DEMAND THE IMMEDIATE APPEARANCE OF OUR COMRADES!

3.- We stand in solidarity with the struggles of the Lenca community organized in part by COPINH and we condemn the attempted attacks against MILPAH. In particular, we denounce the harassment of the Mi Esperanza group in Santiago de Puringla, as well as the harassment of comrade Felicita López, a recent victim of death threats. At the same time, we extend our solidarity to the Tolupán people and their arduous resistance. Faced with the onslaught and waves of attacks against territorial organizations and environmental defenders, we must intensify the organized collective and unified struggle.

4.- We greet with enthusiasm all the organized car caravans which defy the regime and its corruption demanding clear and forceful answers. We continue to ask: Where is the money?, because we have the right to know, because it is our money and our future now kidnapped by the dictatorial narco regime. Every week we continue to convene with pans and voices in the streets and new caravans throughout the country and we continue to gather new comrades and will tirelessly repeat: Where is the money?

5.- We demand that the Attorney General of the Republic emerge from his cowardly confinement and that with any dignity he may have, investigate the corruption cases of his friends. Without a doubt, prison is a small punishment for all of these murderers who continue to suck the lifeblood out of their country and feed their own corruption, families, and greed with the bodies, tears, and outrage of our sick and hungry people.

Honduras, July 2020