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To dismantle and disassemble the dictatorship is our practice and our collective journey, and this is a matter of life and death. Either the dictatorship continues and devours us with its claws and fangs, with the pandemic and its looting and scandals, or we disassemble it, and open then a new path towards the construction of a Honduras shared equally by all of its people. It is a historical commitment to keep fighting, and to put all our faith and strength in this fight to live, we present this Eighteenth Public Manifesto:

1.- We record for the eighteen consecutive time, the demand that this health crisis be conducted with a professional and digital team, that they stand aside from all members of the politicized team, looters and improvisers, and that an independent system of oversight be established to give guarantee in the good management of our national funds. Ignoring these simple demands have converted the health crisis into genocide. It is that clear, that is how deadly the silence of murderers have been.

2.- We condemn militarization, not only in the streets but also in collective decision-making structures, many illegal and illegitimate. We rmly believe that this is one more sign that we live in an increasingly violent and insane dictatorship, which broadens the patriarchal injection, both in public and private spaces. No to militarization; their presence is harmful, they hinder and loot natural resources.

3.- We keep asking ourselves: where is the money? It is in the military’s boot, in the mysterious mobile hospitals, in the Cachureco campaign, in the Attorney General’s food plate, in the Minister’s lotion. We invite you to be aware of all the media contributions that we are promoting from this space, convinced that stealing in this emergency is murder, because the funds withdrawn were intended to save lives.

4.- In this emergency, life is not only threatened by virus and corruption, but also by blatant charges on the electric energy bill, the increase to the basic food basket, the lack of payments to thousands of public employees and the illegal and unjust suspension of workers, with collusion from the Ministry of Labor. We urge the caucus that acted with dignity on June 24th to remain united so that a majority of them can legislate to reduce the anguish of the great majority. Do not calculate, act according to the clamor of this trampled nation.

5.- We welcome the initiatives and popular actions of public demonstrations that have been successful initiating with creativity. All the actions that are promoted in the period of uncertainty and anguish awaken the popular struggle and are a tribute to the victims of the coronavirus and the bloody looting of the team led by Juan Orlando Hernandez.

6.- All the signatory organizations invite the National Caravan “Where is the money?” on Monday, at 4:00PM, in the city of Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, Santa Bárbara, El Progreso, La Ceiba and the Aguán Valley. At the same time, we invite you to listen to the press conference on Monday at 10:00AM, where we will present our media contributions to the campaign “Where’s the money?”

7.- As we walk, let’s pause loudly in the courtyard of the house, every Saturday at seven at night. The saucepan continues to be a sign of life and hope in the face of the corruption pandemic.

Honduras, July 2020